Prevalence of Prescribed Drug Abuse among Youth and Older People

There are quite numbers of reports indicating growing numbers of youths and older people on the misuse of drug prescriptions for wrong reasons such as to calm down, anxiety, stay alert, lose weight, experience a high, birth control just to mention a few. This misused drugs are the common ones found in our homes; pain reliever, sedatives, stimulants and tranquilizers. Others includes sleeping pills, decongestants and allergy pills.
This problem cuts across all part of the world from African, Europe, Asia and America. In United States for example prescription drug abuse now exceeds streets drugs, according to a recent newspaper report. The report further explained that between 12 to 17 years old ''abuse prescription drugs than codeine, heroin and meth amphetamines combined''. The demand is so high that it has give rise to counterfeit prescription drug industry.
One major cause for this menace is it availability in our homes. secondly, many young people do not see anything wrong taking drug without prescription. Furthermore, prescription drug seem less toxic than the illicit counterparts. Some youth reason that ''if a child can take certain drug products, the product must be safe.''

Agreed, when properly used, prescribed drug may improve health and the quality of life and even save lives. But misused, it can be as unsafe as street drugs. For instance, when a person abuse stimulant drug, this can lead to heart failure or seizure. Others can lower breathing rate and even cause death. There has been reports of actors who have died of prescribed drug abuse.
Addiction, also pose a great danger. When taken in excess amount or for the wrong reason. Some drugs act like street drug if misused, they can stimulate the brain leading to the person craving for more. Drug abuse may help you cope with life and provide excitement, but in the long run it may heighten stress, deepen depression, ruin health and the ability to function normally.
A drug is considered use, when it is prescribed by a physician and is fully aware of your medical history. It also include taking the correct dosage at the right times, in the proper manner and for the right reason. Even if symptom persists, it is better you go back to your doctor for further instructions.
The same principle applies to over the counter products, use them only when instructed and have legitimate reason, and carefully follow the instructions on the label.


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