Correcting Teenagers

Your teenager can do better. But first, you need to know why he or she seems to be disobeying your rules. The good news? What appears to be outright defiance may be something far less serious.

 Ways to Avoid It

Unclear boundaries. Some teenagers ignore rules in order to see what they can get away with. For example, if a parent has said that a certain misdeed would result in a particular consequence, a teenager might test the boundaries to see if the parent will follow through. Are such teenagers becoming hardened rebels? Not necessarily. The fact is, teens are more likely to be lax about obeying rules when parents have not been consistent in enforcing consequences or when the boundaries have not been clearly defined.

Rigidity. Some parents try to control their teenager with an endless list of rules. When the teen disobeys, the parent gets angry and imposes even more rules. Often, however, that only makes matters worse. “The more you try to gain control, the more your teenager resists…

Averting Crimes

Whether you live in a high-crime or a low-crime area, how can you make life safer for you and your loved ones?  Indeed, police authorities advocate the taking of preventive measures —avoiding crime in the first place.
Physical injury and material loss are not the only consequences of crime. Many victims also suffer lasting mental and emotional harm. How important, then, that we do what we reasonably can to increase our safety! With that goal in mind, consider how you can take steps to protect yourself from four kinds of crime —robbery, sexual assault, cybercrime, and identity theft.

Many lands, crime is an ever-present danger. For example, in one country a judge stated: “The sad reality is that it’s not if, but when, you will become a victim.” In other places, crime may be less common. Even so, it is unwise to become complacent, for complacency can lead to vulnerability.


What is it? Robbery is theft using force or threats of force.

How does it affect people? After a string of…

Growing Up Without A Dad

There is a quite increasing number of fathers abandoning their families, leaving the sole responsibilities of the mothers alone, this is a worldwide problem, but quite rampant in the less developed countries. Census carried out in some countries has shown that the number of families headed by mothers is increasing at an alarming rate, for instance, in Costa Rica, the numbers of children not recognized by their dad increased from 21.1 per cent in 2016 to 30.4 per cent, this is worrisome and the trend is on the increase by the day. Fathers are an important missing factor in the family, however many of them content themselves to providing economic support without involving in the lives of their children, even when they are physically present. The reason is that they fail to understand the role of husband or father. Many fathers feel their role of being a good dad is to bring home a decent wage, this is only a part of a father's responsibility. The truth of the matter is that childre…

Single Parenting, How You can succeed

If you are a single parent, I hope that this will help you not to only succeed in your demanding role but also to do with joy and contentment. To be sure, that can be a big challenge in today's rapidly and uncertain world.
The article will focus on five areas.
Seek out Support
Look for support from trusted relatives and friends. Why not make a list of people whom you can call on for help, whether for child care, transportation, home maintenance, or emotional support? And keep the list current. Also, see what assistance is available through government and nongovernment agencies.
The non-custodial parent, especially the father can help if he has legal access to the children and is responsible and willing to assist.
When you give your children tasks appropriate to their age, you help both yourself and them. Work teaches children to be responsible, and a good work ethic will be invaluable later in life.
Be a Good Communicator
Encourage your children to communicate with another and neve…

How Healthy are You?

A lot of people feel they are too young to worry about their health. This should not be the case, health challenges are common among all ages. Our health should be given utmost priority irrespective of age for healthy living. There are several ways to stay healthy some of which will be discussed below; Eat Right-Look Better You need self-control in your eating habits, always ensure you stop eating when you are full. Avoid or reduce the intake of unwholesome food such as soda. Adjust bad eating habits such as eating back to back or between meals and ensure you don’t skip meals if you do you will feel starved and tend to overeat Exercise More-Feel Great  Exercising is beneficial to your health, but many young ones do not see the need for it or eager to do so. Exercise can help boost the immune system as the saying goes ‘’If you can’t find time to exercise, you better find time to be sick’’ Exercise such as running, swimming and jogging release brain chemicals that calm you, especially wh…

The Flu

The flu is a disease caused by a virus, it is microscopic in nature and penetrates human cells and produces more of its kind. The flu that attacks the respiratory system is contagious and can be contacted by mere body fluid such as sneezes, coughs or even talks.
The viruses are not only found among humans, it can also be contacted by other animals. It is in categories of A, B or C. Type A is the most common, caused by influenza.
A major concern is that they reproduce very rapidly with constant changing variations. It is also very common during cold months. A recent research shows that at cool temperature the outer membrane of a virus becomes a protective gel that prolongs the survival of the virus in the higher temperatures of the human respiratory tract, causing infection. Cold air does not cause viral infections, but it can create the enabling environment that helps them to spread.
How then can one protect one's self, here possible ways;
Strengthen the body; Make sure you and y…


It is called a silent killer because it does not show any symptoms of bone loss until the bones are so weak that sudden strain, bump or fall can cause a fracture. This disease is also known as ''porous bone'' because of its devastating effects on the bone. It is very common on the hip, ribs vertebras, or waist regions. Most people tend to associate this disease with frail, elderly people, especially women, however, there have been cases where it has been found among the young.
The International Osteoporosis Foundation reports that ''in the European Union, someone has a fracture as a result of osteoporosis every 30 seconds,''  In the United States, 10 million people have osteoporosis, and another 34 million are at risk because of low bone mass. In addition, the United States National Institutes of Health reports that ''one out of every two women and one in four men age 50 and above will have an osteoporosis-related fracture in their lifetime.…

How Important is Puntuality

Some have found that arriving at appointments a bit ahead of time actually reduces stress. Punctuality also enhances a person's reputation. How?
Punctuality indicates competence; When you are on time, it shows that you try to be in control of your life instead of allowing circumstances to prevent you from doing things you want to do.
Punctuality suggests dependability. In a society where promises are often broken and commitments frequently ignored, people appreciate those who stick to their word.
Dependable people earn respect from friends and family. Employers value those who arrive on time for work and meet deadlines. Dependables workers may even be rewarded with higher salary and greater trust.
What can you do to be punctual?
If you find that you are regularly late for appointments, perhaps your schedule is too full, why not cut nonessential time wasters?
Schedule more time between appointments, and aim to arrive early. This will allow for unexpected circumstances, such as tra…

Disease, Reducing the Risk

On a daily basis, your body fights foreign invaders such as viruses, bacteria, and parasites posing threat to your health. You may hardly notice it due to your immune system which constantly battles these invaders before onset of symptoms. Sometimes, however, the harmful germs gain the upper hand , where this occurs, you will need to boost your immune system with medicine and other treatments.
For years, people knew little or nothing about the dangers of microscopic or other small harmful organisms. However, when 19th century scientist confirmed the link between germs and disease, we became better equipped to defend ourselves. Medical researchers have since eliminated or greatly reduced the threat of some infectious diseases, including smallpox and polio. Recently, however, others, such as yellow fever and dengue, have made a comeback, Why?
Some of the reasons includes;
-Every year, millions of people travel around the globe, often transporting disease causing agents.
- Some bacteria…

Children and Prescribed Drug Abuse

In my last article, I wrote, prescribed drug abuse is not limited to youth and adults alone, children are also victims of these menace. The question now is why are more and more of teens abusing drugs? The answer is not far fetched which varies, some young ones seek excitement, others want to study more effectively or numb anxiety or even done out of ignorance.Still other may be physically or emotionally suffering and would want to to feel better. In fact children as young as 10 years of age have become full fledged abusers of prescription drugs, perhaps ordering them from websites, or even from their peers.
Some of the ways to curb this issue is to talk openly to them about the dangers of taking drugs prescribed or illicit. Parents should ensure that prescribed drugs are kept in a safe place, perhaps even locking the medicine cabinet.
Also ensure you know what you have on hand and monitor usage and discard drugs you no longer need. If a teen is over illness and is still taking medic…

Prevalence of Prescribed Drug Abuse among Youth and Older People

There are quite numbers of reports indicating growing numbers of youths and older people on the misuse of drug prescriptions for wrong reasons such as to calm down, anxiety, stay alert, lose weight, experience a high, birth control just to mention a few. This misused drugs are the common ones found in our homes; pain reliever, sedatives, stimulants and tranquilizers. Others includes sleeping pills, decongestants and allergy pills.
This problem cuts across all part of the world from African, Europe, Asia and America. In United States for example prescription drug abuse now exceeds streets drugs, according to a recent newspaper report. The report further explained that between 12 to 17 years old ''abuse prescription drugs than codeine, heroin and meth amphetamines combined''. The demand is so high that it has give rise to counterfeit prescription drug industry.
One major cause for this menace is it availability in our homes. secondly, many young people do not see anythi…

Benefits Of Pornography

According to Wikipedia, ''Pornography is the portrayal of sexual subject matter for the exclusive purpose of sexual arousal.'' Pornography is now more popular than ever before due to the advent of internet. There is continuous debate by researchers the likelihood of people acting out of fantasies which is fueled by pornography. It possible to hate pornography by giving careful thoughts to the terrible consequences of this harmful vice. A study conducted in Utah University revealed that some pornography users experience ''depression, social isolation, damaged relationships, and other sad consequences.While this is viewed as negative impact, other researchers who conducted survey on 688  Danish adults concluded that there exist a healthy correlation in porn viewing and sexual satisfaction. Other positive effect they revealed includes that it is healthy and does not cause any damage to the brain as claimed by some researchers and can even lead to sexual prowess w…

Robert Boyle

Robert Boyle was born at Lismore castle, Ireland in 1627, into a wealthy family. This was in the era of the near beginning of  age of reason. In his autobiography he named himself Philaretus which means ''Lover of Virtue.''
He desire to learn the truth, which he equally desired to shared with others. He was a prolific writer, whose writing had immense effect on contemporaries in the likes of Sir Isaac Newton. He was among the founders of Royal Society, in 1660 which was a scientific institution, still existing in London.
He has been described as the father of chemistry. He used a completely different approach from the alchemists in his times. He openly published his work, in contracts to keeping findings secret or writing in obscure terms that few people outside their closed circle could understand. He used controlled experiment to establish facts, instead of relying long held hypothesis.
Boyle's experiment supported the idea that matter was composed of what he ca…

A Unique Giant Of The Forest

A 19th Century writer, Henry David Thoreau wrote '' The moose is singularly grotesque and awkward to look at. Why should it stand so high at the shoulders?'' This is an outstanding feature of the moose making it a unique giant of the forest.Its appearance which is comical and it been rarely seen in the wild have generated argument that the moose is clumsy and slow-witted.There are many fact discovered by researchers from North America and Eurasia about this unusual animal.
   There is no denying fact that the moose is indeed a giant. its legs is so big  that it can fend off an entire wolves. The moose starts swimming few days after birth and can swim long distance and dive a depth of about six meters to feed. It can move its eyes and detect motion almost directly behind it without turning its head. Researchers believe that since the nostrils are far apart, this can give it the unique ability to locate object on a three dimensional scale. its ears can move in all …

How Healthy is Your Thyroid?

The thyroid gland below the Adam's apple is a small butterfly shape  like situated at the front neck. it consist of lobes around the trachea and weighs almost 30 grams. It form body part of endocrine system, which help the body to produce, store, and secrete hormones. The gland is made up of tiny follicles, which is filled of viscous fluid that holds the thyroid hormones. The hormones is highly concentrated with iodine, over 80 percent of iodine found in the body is located there. Lack of this element in the body will cause goiter, which is an enlarged swollen in the neck region. Iodine can also cause inhibition of hormone production and therapy retardation otherwise known as cretinism.
   The thyroid gland is structure into different part which includes T3, RT3 (Reverse T3) and T4. T3  and RT3 are derived from T4, the conversion usually occurs outside the thyroid in the body.When the body is in need of thyroid hormones, the gland secretes T4 into the bloodstream, which with its de…